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“Health is wealth” a phrase we hear very often. But have we ever given it a thought how true it is?

In times where science and technology has advanced to levels which were never perceived, it is a shame that despite all the advancements a majority of the people in Pakistan have to suffer with numerous ailments and lack of health services. People are suffering either because of the lack of infrastructure and hospitals or because they can not afford the services. Our country is currently facing a serious crisis where both adults and little children are dying on a daily basis because of the lack proper health services.

In such a scenario we feel that it is our duty to make sure that the people are educated on different diseases and ailments, the treatments related to it, the awareness of how to avoid these ailments and last but not least to provide the necessary treatments.

We have qualified Doctors and medical assistant who are focusing on different areas related to health sector. We ensure to provide treatments and awareness to the people through various programs such as:

Family Health Projects

Health Managment Program

Polio Vaccination Program

Health Supplies Project

Health Services Academy

The key to facing the growing challenges of the world and to keep up with the pace, it is important to have a highly educated population. In Pakistan education is becoming a tough task by the day. Kids are deprived of the basic right of going to school. This lack of education in the country is increasing in number frequently and is a dangerous self destructive tool. The lack of education leads a child to develop an inferiority complex and no confidence which in turns leads them towards the easy way out which is criminal in most cases.

We at DUAA foundation have taken a very serious note of the lack of education in Pakistan. We are bent upon spreading education throughout the country so that the underprivileged and deprived kids can get their right of being educated so they can stand up on their own feet with pride and confidence.

The simplest explanation about why the environment matters is that, as humans, the environment-the Earth-is our home. It is where we live, breathe, eat, raise our children, etc. Our entire life support system is dependent on the well-being of all of the species living on earth.

The environment that we live in plays a very critical role on the life of the people, the development of the human mind, the health and other factors of survival. Therefore it is of extreme importance to have a safe and healthy environment. The reason what makes the environment even more important is that it not only affects the human life but also has an effect on plants and animals which directly or indirectly has an impact of the human life.

At DUAA foundation we strive on a daily basis to make this environment as human friendly as possible which includes the fight against pollution, sewerage, power generation, clean water systems and proper food supplies etc.

The increase in population has created water crisis which is mounting every passing day. Water quality and population density are closely linked; higher the population density, higher will be the expectancy of pollution. Unfortunately, Pakistan has been facing an acute shortage of drinking water. In fact, Pakistan is one of the 25 most water-deficient countries in the world. The water availability has drastically changed from 5,000 cubic meters per capita (in the early 1950s) to 1,500 per capita. According to a latest report, Pakistan’s total water availability per capita is the lowest in the list of 26 Asian countries and by 2035, Pakistan will become a water scarce country. According to the W.H.O, 20-30% of all hospital admissions in Pakistan are due to consumption of bacterial and parasitic water. 60% infants die due to water infections.

Water Filtration Plants

Hand Pumps

Water Well

Water Supply Schemes

Water Analysis Services

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To have an educated and healthy environment with the confidence and self-belief to reach the heights of success. We also strive to provide an environment with equal opportunities for both men and women. To spread the awareness of the difference education can make to the society and ensuring that basic necessities are given to all. The success of people is the success of the country and success and affluence comes from education.

Duaa Foundation Story

The sad but true conditions of Education, Health and the Environment in Pakistan for over years has not only gone from bad to worse but has become a division of classes and a status symbol available only to the very few who can afford to spend lavishly. The feeling of deprivation and discretion has led some individuals to collaborate and form the DUAA foundation with the aim to help the underprivileged and deprived citizens of the country.

As a NGO the DUAA foundation focuses mainly on providing Education and Health services to those deprived by the basic necessities of life. Statistically it is more than 70% of the population of Pakistan that is below poverty levels facing the tough challenges making ends meet on a day to day basis. Under the circumstances we take pride in being there for the people of the country and we look forward to not only end the suffering but also providing all those with us the sense independence, self respect and dignity through our formal and diversified education programs.

Why Duaa Foundation ?
  • Education for the masses
  • Professional management
  • High level of governance
  • Free suggestions and training sessions
  • Regular quality assessment
  • Complete education under one system